Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cultural Artifact

My artifact is definitely an example of cultural material because it's a national monument. My artifact is the the great Mt. Rushmore which has the faces of four founding fathers of the nation's history. Some of the design aspects include the faces in a smooth detail facing different ways as if they are watching the nation. Their faces are also carved into the top of the mountain which makes it visible from a further distance. The faces are in an order, why? Is it because that's the order is importance to the country? Questions that I'll uncover in the design project. I would consider this artifact as a cultural one, but maybe a sub cultural idea could be that if political measure. Being these are presidents and have a lot to do with the nation and government it fits into a political sub category.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mt. Rushmore

I've selected the great monument of Mt. Rushmore as my artifact. I selected this because it's a prestigious monument in the history of our country. Mt. Rushmore is conducted for 4 presidents, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, & Roosevelt, and is sitting in the mountainous regions of South Dakota. I'm going to look into who made this monument, who's idea it was, why those presidents were selected, why was it placed in South Dakota instead of DC with the rest of the presidential monuments. With this project I hope to learn about Mt. Rushmore and I hope to be able to experience the design process of it and be able to share my experience with those who are unaware as well.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Yard Sign 2

The design process as I understand it is all the time that it takes from sparking an idea, to the finished product. Every process has different goals, but everything starts the same and ends the same. Some of the most meaningful aspects of the project include the brainstorming and the rough sketch/draft. With those aspects everything gets the proper elevation to the finished product. I believe I'll be able to use the process for my artifact by evaluating, describing, and conforming the analysis in which the finished product will thrive.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Design Process

The design process helps you turn your ideas into actual items. The most important aspects are defining the opportunity and testing your prototype. You have to be able to call the right audience to attention  by defining the opportunity. By testing the prototype, you can come up with the best solution. I think the design process for my artifact works like a charm. The idea of the cultural monument became a reality and it is used to its full potential. Everyone knows of this monument because it is one of the American history.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kentucky Theatre

Kentucky Theatre. Check. As I mark the Kentucky theatre off my list of things that I have done before I reminisce on the theatre itself. Going with the class was my first time ever going there. I support experiencing new things in life, so when I walked in I saw an older style setup. With the older looking surroundings it gave the theatre a classical and respectable look. The seating area’s walls had images going along the walls that were 3D with were interesting. The wall made the theatre seem more engulfing and helped the focus close in on what was actually going on. I enjoyed my experience and I’m glad I went and enjoyed something new in life.

Yard Sign

The quote selected for this yard project is “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” and I chose this quote because with designing dreams you give more than anything materialistic. If I were to create a design, then I would use the boldness of the quote with a background that was more subtle to bring my power and emphasis. The image that I chose to background the quote is bottle of Polo Ralph Lauren cologne. The bottle is supposed to emphasize the infinite amount of possibilities you can dream. On my yard sign I’m going to place the bottle in the middle and the quote underneath. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Characteristics of Design

Six Flags amusement park is where everyone can go and have a great time. There are rollercoasters for the thrill seeking people, rides for those not so fond of thrill, and even a park for just the kids. I chose Six Flags because it describes the commodity, firmness, and delight in a particular and unique fashion. Utilitas; with the entire park meant to amuse, the arrangement of the park is keen and among the most for usefulness. Along with that it has quality and it uses the space provided to the max efficiency. Firmitas; with people of all ages, sizes, and race being able to be accommodated at the park it has a great sense of integration. Six Flags also has top safety with checking the rollercoasters and rides throughout the park daily, hence providing performance stability. Finally, venustas; being that this is an amusement park, the positive atmosphere is inevitable. Anyone can go to Six Flags and have a sense of place. All of these characteristics collaborate into what is considered a great design piece that everyone should be able to take a part in.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Water Bottle Design

There are many questions that begin to form when I focus on the design of the water bottle. Of those I think of why the water bottle is of typical plastic material. How come the idea that plastic is dangerous, then why hasn't anyone decided to change the water bottle design. Sometime the question arises; why are the water bottles about the same model; how come most of the bottles have the same cylindrical make and none have variety such as a cube like diagram? I've noticed that most plastic water bottles have ridges of all kinds and they normally go horizontally around the bottle from top to bottom. My bottle, in particular, has a blue label around it relaying “Pure Life”. Those words mixed with the color blue seem to be symbolism of peace, tranquility, and harmony. Maybe those words are there to portray a positive image to the consumer in order to advise, influence, and suggest the consumption of this brand of water over others. There’s also a set of stick figures on the label that, in my opinion, symbolize a happy family that represents something greater, society itself. While my intelligence on the topic of design grows, I plan to learn more about why things are done in constant order such as the plastic water bottle.