Sunday, December 7, 2014

Phil Duncan

Phil Duncan was born in Cincinnati and has come extremely far from there, he went to UK for architectural design but also studied journalism and communications. His first job was working with Macintosh when they first came out, he then moved on to go back to school for an MBA at Ohio State, he graduated and went to work at P&G but then left that to “go back to his design roots” and work with the company Landor and help build it up in Cincinnati. Later on he was offered a job back at P&G by the CEO and he now runs the design team. He has a huge mix of design and business in his job because P&G helps design for  hundreds of products sold in retail. He has very strong fundamentals that he goes by when it comes to being a designer or working for P&G or at any job, you should have a strong passion, know what you're talking about, be hard working, a good storyteller, have guts and curiosity. P&G’s core value to envision possibilities is very relative to his lifestyle. He sees design advancing with technology and believes that 3D printing will be the next big thing once it is ready to be thrown into the world. From growing up in Cincinnati to traveling the world, design has definitely done him well.

Design Autobiography


A design firm we spoke to called LPK was composed of a board of six different individuals who have graduated and are now working in the field they love. LPK is the largest employees owned business where they help brands shift themselves on a local and global scale. LPK makes adaptations so the brand will continue to be successful in the market. They are able to do this by developing the brands strategy. LPK believes design touches every aspect of everyones life by helping solve everyday problems. They also state that design improve sustainability of everyday life. In the future, LPK believes that design will be shifting so that even people who aren't in the design world will still be shifting in a design sense.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Movie 9/10

For my 9th movie, I watched Angelica Koczur's movie on The Sears Tower. I really enjoyed watching this movie, because her artifact was not something that was a typical pick, and I really liked that about it. She gave many different insights on design during the movie, and I enjoyed watching that. She covered the different aspects of design while making the movie appealing and informative. I learned a lot about something new and she covered everything while doing it well.
For the 10th movie that I watched, Madi Luedeke made "The Circle" in downtown Indianapolis really come to life. I also enjoyed that this was not the typical artifact. She did a good job with informing the audience about the design aspect and how the design was important to the city and I also enjoyed how the design was not just for visual sake, but also for convenience and for the consumers. Over all this was a good movie and covered all the aspects of design in a meaningful way.

Movie 7/8

Nathaniel Wright: His artifact was Prospect Park. I found this park to be rather unique since there is a zoo located there. This park is in a location that provides tranquility to the city of New York. It has athletic fields found as well as a lake. This goes along with enhancement of the human experience.  I enjoyed his project video because of all the beautiful pictures around the park. I had never heard of Prospect Park before, when I think of New York I always imagine Central Park.
Christopher Cooley: His artifact was the Lexington Arboretum. This joint effort by the University of Kentucky and the Commonwealth of Kentucky embarked over 100 acres to represent various Kentucky landscapes. Visitors can walk on two different walking paths, a bridge, and view many beautiful gardens throughout their visits. Various pieces of artwork and sculptures can be found throughout the Arboretum. It enhances the human experience because environmental research is done there along with a location to get married, it also offers an open field where visitors can just come to relax. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Design Post 6: Ashley Boycher & Ann Dickinson

Ashley Boycher has her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and her Masters in Interior Architecture with an intensity in Museum Studies. She works at The Walters Museum of Art. It is an art history museum of human cultures. At any given time she juggles four projects at the same time setting up exhibits. She believes design is universal and necessary and that design makes things useful and approachable. She believes headed in a more specialized field.

Ann on the other hand has an extremely long history of design in her family. She attributes this to all of the simple designers that came before her. This includes her grandmother, who taught her how to sew quilts. These quilts set the precedence for what Ann does today. Today Ann is the dean of the college of design and uses her quilt background as a basis for all of the projects that she takes on. Ann sees the future of design as important and essential because it makes life meaningful. Ann also understands that there is more and more of a need for design today then there ever has been before.

Design Post 5: Mark & Anne

Mark is one of many trails. He started in Louisville where he attended catholic school, then he broke away to Morehead State because he wanted to play football. He later on left and brought his life to the University of Kentucky. While attending UK he studied the major of accounting while doing his undergrad. Afterward he attended Cornell University where he received his masters degree. Mark finally returned back to UK where he is an associate dean professor. Although Mark isn't big on design he does respect it and believes that it is important in everybody's life. Anne is also a professor at the University of Kentucky and she also teaches different levels of design from beginner to professional. She also works with different employers to experience different environments. Anne believes that design is important because it is part of solving problems.

Designer Post 4 Lindsey & Rebekah

Lindsey voiced how important collaboration is when it comes to design and I agree because with collaboration comes diversity and when diversity comes into play more people can be involved. Lindsey's idea about the half ski and half surf indoor resort was one of the most amazing ideas. With all these kinds of talents she will be able to do great interior designs one day.

I thought that it was unique that Rebekah had a story unlike others. She was one of very very few that did not plan to do design since her young days. She changed her whole plan around including schools, majors, and just the whole idea of planning for the future. It was kind of different that she had so much energy though. She was extremely energetic and enthusiastic about life and design.

Movie 5/6

This movie was done by Kelsey Clary and the topic was Rockefeller Center is one of recTreation and business. All the while its appearance is of the 1930s Art  Deco style and they have triangular rooftops. The rooftops being like this helps more light get through to the city and city streets. The center is the largest building complex created in modern times and has 200 flags in the plaza creating a more diverse environment. The main outlet of media is the NBC studios that are located in the GE building. The design of the center was to create a business, entertainment, and shopping environment that anybody could partake in.

Rachel Durbin decided to do the park of Keeneland. She explains the setup of the park and how it brings people together to watch the fine species of horses race against each other. There's a paddock that the horses and trainers ready for the contest and theres stands for the people to watch, bet, and just overall have fun. The consumerism of the park comes in when the people that bet money can either win or lose their beloved cash. There are multiple betting windows so that people don't have to wait in long lines just to make a bet or win some money. Another aspect of the park is the parking lot where you can experience the area on a more broad view and enjoy the lovely tailgate experience with friends and family. Overall the park has been made to better the consumer experience and help those have the time of the life time and time again.

Design Post 3: Sophie, Sarah, Lauren, Anne, Jessica

It's not an everyday thing to meet someone that had any kind of influence in designs that pertain to your everyday life. For Jessica, she was able to say she played a role in the chairs for the design classroom. That is unique to me; along with the art Lauren brought for us. What was also interesting was that Anne and Sophie are students here at UK and they are apart of the design program. It seems that most design examples have been planning or wanting to do design since the beginning. It's nice to want something and finally get it.

Post Cards Around Campus

With my post cards I wanted to place them in spots most wouldn't place them and also that they would be seen. I placed them in the Johnson Center, in the B&E building, in the student center, and in the K-Tower dorm. I chose these spots because the traffic for them varies between groups. There is a high diversity trafficking through and more people would see the cards. I thought these spots would be great placement in getting the attention of other students and other people that may have an interest in design.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Designer Post 2: Adam & Jen

In class Adam and Jennifer talked to us about design and how it has and is affecting their lives. Adam has been involved with design since his childhood and like most boys started with blocks and legos. Unlike most boys though, he liked the design aspect of the blocks on a different level. To this day he studies design and has explored abroad studies, has designed his own things and has design projects he is currently working on. For example, his bookshelf and courtyard are some of his projects. He makes mention that design is everywhere and is important and personally I agree, most people just look at major things such as technology. On the other hand Jennifer, was over Skype because she was preparing for an interview with Coach in NY. I like how her thesis dealt with gaming because that is unique, especially since she is a girl. I also thought the advancement idea in schooling was interesting and I think it would be effective.

Eames Designer Post

Like everything in our world design has evolved over time. Ray and Charles Eames were great designers in their era and they did so by designing and accepting the world around them. They didn't take the world and try to change it they took the world for what it was and tried to make the best of it. Even though the chair has the most basics qualities of design and chairs, it was one of the most comfortable chairs of the time. Using the post WWII era for motivation they Eames duo created this chair and in turn created one of the greatest designs of of all time.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Movie 3/4

Tyler Crawley was the creator of this video I watched about Rupp Arena and being a UK student I still learned from this video. Adolf Rupp was the basketball coach from 1930-1972 and during that time he won 4 championships, was in 20 NCAA tournaments and reached the Final Four 6 times. On the outside of Rupp there are no real design aspects besides the center that’s next to it. Tyler discussed the design of the gym and to me it was all informal because I have yet to go to a basketball game. I plan on going this year to at least experience it.

The movie about the Milwaukee Art Museum was done by LaKesha Terry and it was pretty interesting how the museum connects the building to nature. For starters, the building is shaped like a bird; because of the wing-shaped sides. The museum is also sitting on the coast of Lake Michigan which makes it a great view of the horizon. The designer of this museum Santiago Calatrava also designed buildings in Spain, Portugal, and Toronto and is prominent in his infinite spirit, curve like, design. I like how her movie portrayed the information of the art museum as a TV show or commercial.

Movie 1/2

Allison Bartel did the first video that I watched was about the Statue of Liberty. In the video she voices a lot about the design aspects. For example, the statue was built by the French as a gift for the Americans. In the process the parts were made in France and later shipped to America. The French made the artifact as a gift for victory in the Civil war and it’s a symbol of freedom. This artifact is also one that welcomes immigrants to the country. Inside the statue there are 354 stairs and its made of copper and steel. I personally have never been and would like to venture there one day.   

Jake Collins was the creator of the second video and his artifact was Beaver Stadium; I really enjoyed watching his video; I liked how he formed it to mimic a highlight video being that it had to do with sports. Beaver Stadium is where the Penn State football team resides and it seats 108,000 comfortably and has maxed out before reaching 110,700 in attendance. On average there are 22,000 student tickets sold for each football game that Penn State hosts. Interestingly enough this stadium is 2nd in the country, 4th in the world and is 114 years old. Built in 1900 it has been expanded 6 times to accommodate the growing community of Penn State fans.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Exam Questions

1. What is the design process?

2. What has this class done to your perception of design?

3. What designs play a role in your everyday life?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Charity + Target

Target is a major corporation in our world today. Target is in competition with the Wal-Mart and Meijer, but yet it still shows focus on the communities and the public. As Target fights to be the top corporation and makes millions on millions, they focus on each community that it supplies for. For example, stores give education grants to schools in the community and they also teamed up with First Book in order to get millions of books in the school system and libraries. There are safety grants, team members that perform community service hours, and they partner with Feeding America in the fight to end world hunger.  Target can safely be said to be one that is charitable in their giving.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Target Observation

PlayStation 4 Console (PlayStation 4)
I think the PlayStation 4 has a great design; even though I could have a bias because I own one. I am able to experience the PS4 in more ways than just visually. I am able to experience the design of the software and how the game play works. I like the design of the controller and how it has a pad in the middle for different experiences depending on the game. The consumerism behind this is major because I know from personal experience my household contains two of them. All the while the media has great influence because it provides commercials of all kinds.

 6' Pre-Lit Translucent Ruby Tree - 250 Clear Lights

I chose this artifact because I personally like Christmas as a holiday idea. I also enjoy the trees as an aspect of it. I chose this tree in particular because it is red and different than your normal green tree. As far as the design process goes, they chose the color for a reason, because it was breaking the norm. The consumerism behind this tree is that there are going to be people that buy this type of tree because it is about 4 feet tall. For example, my girlfriend is about 5’4” so she wants a tree that is smaller than her. Media influences these in movies and commercials with family trees in different rooms and such.

`Airblown® Inflatable Mickey Mouse Santa
This artifact also symbolizes Christmas and has a personal touch. I would buy this decoration for my mother because she loves Mickey Mouse. The design process of this was to dress up a beloved cartoon character is holiday clothing to make him apart of the festivities. He is also able to withstand the weather so he can be decoration for outside the home. The consumerism comes in where people decide that they want Mickey standing around as part of their celebrating. The media has influence because it took the media making him popular so that he would be a fan favorite.

Batman Analog Wristwatch - Black
This watch is one that would not be as expensive as most watches, but for a kid this watch could be the vest thing on the planet. I have a young cousin that I call my little man and he loves Batman; if I was to get this for him he would be extremely happy. There is a design process that is unique to this artifact that is incorporating a child’s hero into merchandise.  The consumerism deals with those that have or know young children that either likes Batman or the colors on the watch. Lastly, the media’s influence is strong because they place advertisements on TV and such for kids to see.

Samsung 32" Class 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV - Black (UN32EH5000FXZA)

The television is and will always be an artifact of interesting design because it relays messages of all kinds form news to business, to entertainment. This TV is 32” and depending on the person can be considered a big TV. To the average person this is a nice sized TV, but to me I would say its small because I have a 55” that I love. The design process alters slightly from TV to TV and between the different companies. Consumerism is pretty broad because the different makes and models of TVs. There are regular, flat screen, even some 3D TVs and the media continues to help by displaying them in ads, commercials, and placing them with sports.

Design + Consumerism

The comparison between our post and that of Terry is the fact that both have much to do with luxury. Our post has to do with luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Lexus. The post is portraying that the BMW series 3 & 4 is leading in luxury vehicles sold in the US.  Their post is showing a fancy stiletto that goes by the name of Chic and it costs fairly. In the year 2010 it reached about $2.5 trillion in sales.  The fact that they have trillions as part of the sales shows the magnitude of money flowing through.

Savannah used the company of North Face and used a regular jacket as her image. Between her image and the image that I have the motif would be considered fashion and or trends in name brands. Her jacket was plain, yet has a classic style that is forever used; meanwhile the cars in my jpeg image have a classic style that to this day is loved and prized. The breakout of North Face was in 2005, but the breakout for the BMW Company happened when they released 3 and 4 series.  Both our posts have to do with fashionable design and popularity among brands.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

5 Characteristics

My artifact, Mount Rushmore, can be divided into five different characteristic categories. This helped me when making my movie because it allowed me to look at it from different points of view.
1. color- media, product, experience
2. light- media, product, experience
3. shape- media, experience
4. culture- media, experience
5. nature- media, experience

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pop up Exhibition

1. America- the flag, the pledge of allegiance
2. Material culture- how it affected cities, how little money people had left
3. Media- how the world portrays war, the negative affects
4. Action- guns, shooting
5. Soldiers as Icons- the Washington monument, pictures of soldiers alone
6. Collateral of War- sickness, loss of family members, suffering families, less money
7. Other kinds of War- competition in pop culture, small arguments.
I hope that people learn about why my exhibit is important and I hope they understand just what soldiers give up to go fight for our freedom, how heartbreaking it is for the families, and what kind of losses countries face when they send their soldiers to war. These different categories face different problems. Soldiers are very important, to an economy and a country. Most people do not understand exactly why soldiers are important, which is really upsetting to me as an individual. These men and women put their lives on the line for us to be able to wear and drive what we want. Something that was missing from these images was a picture of exactly how soldiers are beneficial, how they protect us, and the camaraderie they gain from their colleagues.

Mt Rushmore Movie

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Cultural Artifact

My artifact is definitely an example of cultural material because it's a national monument. My artifact is the the great Mt. Rushmore which has the faces of four founding fathers of the nation's history. Some of the design aspects include the faces in a smooth detail facing different ways as if they are watching the nation. Their faces are also carved into the top of the mountain which makes it visible from a further distance. The faces are in an order, why? Is it because that's the order is importance to the country? Questions that I'll uncover in the design project. I would consider this artifact as a cultural one, but maybe a sub cultural idea could be that if political measure. Being these are presidents and have a lot to do with the nation and government it fits into a political sub category.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Mt. Rushmore

I've selected the great monument of Mt. Rushmore as my artifact. I selected this because it's a prestigious monument in the history of our country. Mt. Rushmore is conducted for 4 presidents, Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, & Roosevelt, and is sitting in the mountainous regions of South Dakota. I'm going to look into who made this monument, who's idea it was, why those presidents were selected, why was it placed in South Dakota instead of DC with the rest of the presidential monuments. With this project I hope to learn about Mt. Rushmore and I hope to be able to experience the design process of it and be able to share my experience with those who are unaware as well.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Yard Sign 2

The design process as I understand it is all the time that it takes from sparking an idea, to the finished product. Every process has different goals, but everything starts the same and ends the same. Some of the most meaningful aspects of the project include the brainstorming and the rough sketch/draft. With those aspects everything gets the proper elevation to the finished product. I believe I'll be able to use the process for my artifact by evaluating, describing, and conforming the analysis in which the finished product will thrive.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Design Process

The design process helps you turn your ideas into actual items. The most important aspects are defining the opportunity and testing your prototype. You have to be able to call the right audience to attention  by defining the opportunity. By testing the prototype, you can come up with the best solution. I think the design process for my artifact works like a charm. The idea of the cultural monument became a reality and it is used to its full potential. Everyone knows of this monument because it is one of the American history.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kentucky Theatre

Kentucky Theatre. Check. As I mark the Kentucky theatre off my list of things that I have done before I reminisce on the theatre itself. Going with the class was my first time ever going there. I support experiencing new things in life, so when I walked in I saw an older style setup. With the older looking surroundings it gave the theatre a classical and respectable look. The seating area’s walls had images going along the walls that were 3D with were interesting. The wall made the theatre seem more engulfing and helped the focus close in on what was actually going on. I enjoyed my experience and I’m glad I went and enjoyed something new in life.

Yard Sign

The quote selected for this yard project is “I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” and I chose this quote because with designing dreams you give more than anything materialistic. If I were to create a design, then I would use the boldness of the quote with a background that was more subtle to bring my power and emphasis. The image that I chose to background the quote is bottle of Polo Ralph Lauren cologne. The bottle is supposed to emphasize the infinite amount of possibilities you can dream. On my yard sign I’m going to place the bottle in the middle and the quote underneath. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Characteristics of Design

Six Flags amusement park is where everyone can go and have a great time. There are rollercoasters for the thrill seeking people, rides for those not so fond of thrill, and even a park for just the kids. I chose Six Flags because it describes the commodity, firmness, and delight in a particular and unique fashion. Utilitas; with the entire park meant to amuse, the arrangement of the park is keen and among the most for usefulness. Along with that it has quality and it uses the space provided to the max efficiency. Firmitas; with people of all ages, sizes, and race being able to be accommodated at the park it has a great sense of integration. Six Flags also has top safety with checking the rollercoasters and rides throughout the park daily, hence providing performance stability. Finally, venustas; being that this is an amusement park, the positive atmosphere is inevitable. Anyone can go to Six Flags and have a sense of place. All of these characteristics collaborate into what is considered a great design piece that everyone should be able to take a part in.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Water Bottle Design

There are many questions that begin to form when I focus on the design of the water bottle. Of those I think of why the water bottle is of typical plastic material. How come the idea that plastic is dangerous, then why hasn't anyone decided to change the water bottle design. Sometime the question arises; why are the water bottles about the same model; how come most of the bottles have the same cylindrical make and none have variety such as a cube like diagram? I've noticed that most plastic water bottles have ridges of all kinds and they normally go horizontally around the bottle from top to bottom. My bottle, in particular, has a blue label around it relaying “Pure Life”. Those words mixed with the color blue seem to be symbolism of peace, tranquility, and harmony. Maybe those words are there to portray a positive image to the consumer in order to advise, influence, and suggest the consumption of this brand of water over others. There’s also a set of stick figures on the label that, in my opinion, symbolize a happy family that represents something greater, society itself. While my intelligence on the topic of design grows, I plan to learn more about why things are done in constant order such as the plastic water bottle.