Monday, November 17, 2014

Design Post 6: Ashley Boycher & Ann Dickinson

Ashley Boycher has her Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and her Masters in Interior Architecture with an intensity in Museum Studies. She works at The Walters Museum of Art. It is an art history museum of human cultures. At any given time she juggles four projects at the same time setting up exhibits. She believes design is universal and necessary and that design makes things useful and approachable. She believes headed in a more specialized field.

Ann on the other hand has an extremely long history of design in her family. She attributes this to all of the simple designers that came before her. This includes her grandmother, who taught her how to sew quilts. These quilts set the precedence for what Ann does today. Today Ann is the dean of the college of design and uses her quilt background as a basis for all of the projects that she takes on. Ann sees the future of design as important and essential because it makes life meaningful. Ann also understands that there is more and more of a need for design today then there ever has been before.

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