Sunday, November 30, 2014

Movie 9/10

For my 9th movie, I watched Angelica Koczur's movie on The Sears Tower. I really enjoyed watching this movie, because her artifact was not something that was a typical pick, and I really liked that about it. She gave many different insights on design during the movie, and I enjoyed watching that. She covered the different aspects of design while making the movie appealing and informative. I learned a lot about something new and she covered everything while doing it well.
For the 10th movie that I watched, Madi Luedeke made "The Circle" in downtown Indianapolis really come to life. I also enjoyed that this was not the typical artifact. She did a good job with informing the audience about the design aspect and how the design was important to the city and I also enjoyed how the design was not just for visual sake, but also for convenience and for the consumers. Over all this was a good movie and covered all the aspects of design in a meaningful way.

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