Sunday, November 9, 2014

Movie 3/4

Tyler Crawley was the creator of this video I watched about Rupp Arena and being a UK student I still learned from this video. Adolf Rupp was the basketball coach from 1930-1972 and during that time he won 4 championships, was in 20 NCAA tournaments and reached the Final Four 6 times. On the outside of Rupp there are no real design aspects besides the center that’s next to it. Tyler discussed the design of the gym and to me it was all informal because I have yet to go to a basketball game. I plan on going this year to at least experience it.

The movie about the Milwaukee Art Museum was done by LaKesha Terry and it was pretty interesting how the museum connects the building to nature. For starters, the building is shaped like a bird; because of the wing-shaped sides. The museum is also sitting on the coast of Lake Michigan which makes it a great view of the horizon. The designer of this museum Santiago Calatrava also designed buildings in Spain, Portugal, and Toronto and is prominent in his infinite spirit, curve like, design. I like how her movie portrayed the information of the art museum as a TV show or commercial.

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