Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Designer Post 2: Adam & Jen

In class Adam and Jennifer talked to us about design and how it has and is affecting their lives. Adam has been involved with design since his childhood and like most boys started with blocks and legos. Unlike most boys though, he liked the design aspect of the blocks on a different level. To this day he studies design and has explored abroad studies, has designed his own things and has design projects he is currently working on. For example, his bookshelf and courtyard are some of his projects. He makes mention that design is everywhere and is important and personally I agree, most people just look at major things such as technology. On the other hand Jennifer, was over Skype because she was preparing for an interview with Coach in NY. I like how her thesis dealt with gaming because that is unique, especially since she is a girl. I also thought the advancement idea in schooling was interesting and I think it would be effective.

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