Sunday, November 2, 2014

Target Observation

PlayStation 4 Console (PlayStation 4)
I think the PlayStation 4 has a great design; even though I could have a bias because I own one. I am able to experience the PS4 in more ways than just visually. I am able to experience the design of the software and how the game play works. I like the design of the controller and how it has a pad in the middle for different experiences depending on the game. The consumerism behind this is major because I know from personal experience my household contains two of them. All the while the media has great influence because it provides commercials of all kinds.

 6' Pre-Lit Translucent Ruby Tree - 250 Clear Lights

I chose this artifact because I personally like Christmas as a holiday idea. I also enjoy the trees as an aspect of it. I chose this tree in particular because it is red and different than your normal green tree. As far as the design process goes, they chose the color for a reason, because it was breaking the norm. The consumerism behind this tree is that there are going to be people that buy this type of tree because it is about 4 feet tall. For example, my girlfriend is about 5’4” so she wants a tree that is smaller than her. Media influences these in movies and commercials with family trees in different rooms and such.

`Airblown® Inflatable Mickey Mouse Santa
This artifact also symbolizes Christmas and has a personal touch. I would buy this decoration for my mother because she loves Mickey Mouse. The design process of this was to dress up a beloved cartoon character is holiday clothing to make him apart of the festivities. He is also able to withstand the weather so he can be decoration for outside the home. The consumerism comes in where people decide that they want Mickey standing around as part of their celebrating. The media has influence because it took the media making him popular so that he would be a fan favorite.

Batman Analog Wristwatch - Black
This watch is one that would not be as expensive as most watches, but for a kid this watch could be the vest thing on the planet. I have a young cousin that I call my little man and he loves Batman; if I was to get this for him he would be extremely happy. There is a design process that is unique to this artifact that is incorporating a child’s hero into merchandise.  The consumerism deals with those that have or know young children that either likes Batman or the colors on the watch. Lastly, the media’s influence is strong because they place advertisements on TV and such for kids to see.

Samsung 32" Class 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV - Black (UN32EH5000FXZA)

The television is and will always be an artifact of interesting design because it relays messages of all kinds form news to business, to entertainment. This TV is 32” and depending on the person can be considered a big TV. To the average person this is a nice sized TV, but to me I would say its small because I have a 55” that I love. The design process alters slightly from TV to TV and between the different companies. Consumerism is pretty broad because the different makes and models of TVs. There are regular, flat screen, even some 3D TVs and the media continues to help by displaying them in ads, commercials, and placing them with sports.

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