Sunday, November 9, 2014

Movie 1/2

Allison Bartel did the first video that I watched was about the Statue of Liberty. In the video she voices a lot about the design aspects. For example, the statue was built by the French as a gift for the Americans. In the process the parts were made in France and later shipped to America. The French made the artifact as a gift for victory in the Civil war and it’s a symbol of freedom. This artifact is also one that welcomes immigrants to the country. Inside the statue there are 354 stairs and its made of copper and steel. I personally have never been and would like to venture there one day.   

Jake Collins was the creator of the second video and his artifact was Beaver Stadium; I really enjoyed watching his video; I liked how he formed it to mimic a highlight video being that it had to do with sports. Beaver Stadium is where the Penn State football team resides and it seats 108,000 comfortably and has maxed out before reaching 110,700 in attendance. On average there are 22,000 student tickets sold for each football game that Penn State hosts. Interestingly enough this stadium is 2nd in the country, 4th in the world and is 114 years old. Built in 1900 it has been expanded 6 times to accommodate the growing community of Penn State fans.

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