Sunday, November 30, 2014

Movie 7/8

Nathaniel Wright: His artifact was Prospect Park. I found this park to be rather unique since there is a zoo located there. This park is in a location that provides tranquility to the city of New York. It has athletic fields found as well as a lake. This goes along with enhancement of the human experience.  I enjoyed his project video because of all the beautiful pictures around the park. I had never heard of Prospect Park before, when I think of New York I always imagine Central Park.
Christopher Cooley: His artifact was the Lexington Arboretum. This joint effort by the University of Kentucky and the Commonwealth of Kentucky embarked over 100 acres to represent various Kentucky landscapes. Visitors can walk on two different walking paths, a bridge, and view many beautiful gardens throughout their visits. Various pieces of artwork and sculptures can be found throughout the Arboretum. It enhances the human experience because environmental research is done there along with a location to get married, it also offers an open field where visitors can just come to relax. 

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