Sunday, November 2, 2014

Design + Consumerism

The comparison between our post and that of Terry is the fact that both have much to do with luxury. Our post has to do with luxury vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Lexus. The post is portraying that the BMW series 3 & 4 is leading in luxury vehicles sold in the US.  Their post is showing a fancy stiletto that goes by the name of Chic and it costs fairly. In the year 2010 it reached about $2.5 trillion in sales.  The fact that they have trillions as part of the sales shows the magnitude of money flowing through.

Savannah used the company of North Face and used a regular jacket as her image. Between her image and the image that I have the motif would be considered fashion and or trends in name brands. Her jacket was plain, yet has a classic style that is forever used; meanwhile the cars in my jpeg image have a classic style that to this day is loved and prized. The breakout of North Face was in 2005, but the breakout for the BMW Company happened when they released 3 and 4 series.  Both our posts have to do with fashionable design and popularity among brands.

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