Monday, November 17, 2014

Movie 5/6

This movie was done by Kelsey Clary and the topic was Rockefeller Center is one of recTreation and business. All the while its appearance is of the 1930s Art  Deco style and they have triangular rooftops. The rooftops being like this helps more light get through to the city and city streets. The center is the largest building complex created in modern times and has 200 flags in the plaza creating a more diverse environment. The main outlet of media is the NBC studios that are located in the GE building. The design of the center was to create a business, entertainment, and shopping environment that anybody could partake in.

Rachel Durbin decided to do the park of Keeneland. She explains the setup of the park and how it brings people together to watch the fine species of horses race against each other. There's a paddock that the horses and trainers ready for the contest and theres stands for the people to watch, bet, and just overall have fun. The consumerism of the park comes in when the people that bet money can either win or lose their beloved cash. There are multiple betting windows so that people don't have to wait in long lines just to make a bet or win some money. Another aspect of the park is the parking lot where you can experience the area on a more broad view and enjoy the lovely tailgate experience with friends and family. Overall the park has been made to better the consumer experience and help those have the time of the life time and time again.

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