Monday, October 27, 2014

Pop up Exhibition

1. America- the flag, the pledge of allegiance
2. Material culture- how it affected cities, how little money people had left
3. Media- how the world portrays war, the negative affects
4. Action- guns, shooting
5. Soldiers as Icons- the Washington monument, pictures of soldiers alone
6. Collateral of War- sickness, loss of family members, suffering families, less money
7. Other kinds of War- competition in pop culture, small arguments.
I hope that people learn about why my exhibit is important and I hope they understand just what soldiers give up to go fight for our freedom, how heartbreaking it is for the families, and what kind of losses countries face when they send their soldiers to war. These different categories face different problems. Soldiers are very important, to an economy and a country. Most people do not understand exactly why soldiers are important, which is really upsetting to me as an individual. These men and women put their lives on the line for us to be able to wear and drive what we want. Something that was missing from these images was a picture of exactly how soldiers are beneficial, how they protect us, and the camaraderie they gain from their colleagues.

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