Thursday, September 4, 2014

Characteristics of Design

Six Flags amusement park is where everyone can go and have a great time. There are rollercoasters for the thrill seeking people, rides for those not so fond of thrill, and even a park for just the kids. I chose Six Flags because it describes the commodity, firmness, and delight in a particular and unique fashion. Utilitas; with the entire park meant to amuse, the arrangement of the park is keen and among the most for usefulness. Along with that it has quality and it uses the space provided to the max efficiency. Firmitas; with people of all ages, sizes, and race being able to be accommodated at the park it has a great sense of integration. Six Flags also has top safety with checking the rollercoasters and rides throughout the park daily, hence providing performance stability. Finally, venustas; being that this is an amusement park, the positive atmosphere is inevitable. Anyone can go to Six Flags and have a sense of place. All of these characteristics collaborate into what is considered a great design piece that everyone should be able to take a part in.

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