Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Water Bottle Design

There are many questions that begin to form when I focus on the design of the water bottle. Of those I think of why the water bottle is of typical plastic material. How come the idea that plastic is dangerous, then why hasn't anyone decided to change the water bottle design. Sometime the question arises; why are the water bottles about the same model; how come most of the bottles have the same cylindrical make and none have variety such as a cube like diagram? I've noticed that most plastic water bottles have ridges of all kinds and they normally go horizontally around the bottle from top to bottom. My bottle, in particular, has a blue label around it relaying “Pure Life”. Those words mixed with the color blue seem to be symbolism of peace, tranquility, and harmony. Maybe those words are there to portray a positive image to the consumer in order to advise, influence, and suggest the consumption of this brand of water over others. There’s also a set of stick figures on the label that, in my opinion, symbolize a happy family that represents something greater, society itself. While my intelligence on the topic of design grows, I plan to learn more about why things are done in constant order such as the plastic water bottle.

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